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Color Management

"All cameras, scanners, computer displays, software applications, and printing devices perceive, display, and render the same colors differently.  Since each of these devices can perceive, display, or render the same color differently, it is necessary to accurately translate the color as it moves from device to device."  The Photographer's Guide to Color Management by Phil Nelson

I recently attended a Color Management Seminar in Kansas City to learn more about building color profiles to match the camera with the monitor with the printer.  This seminar was instructed by Phil Nelson.  After the seminar I purchased an X-Rite Eye-One Photo LT package to calibrate my camera, scanner, monitor, and printer to interpret the colors and manipulate them from device to device.  The outcome is lifelike images.

If the photographers that you are considering for your portraits don't discuss color management, they probably don't have full control of their devices.  Be sure to ask if they have made custom ICC profiles for their devices. 










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